Important Things You Need To Know About Visiting New York

New York is packed with bright lights, big buildings, and iconic billboards. It is without a doubt on of the most influential cities in America, and it is really no wonder that tons of people from all over the world flock to the city. However, before you pack your bags and head off to the city that never sleeps there are a few pointers that you need to be aware off.

Purchasing Tickets Ahead Of Time

If you look at New York on a map, you will notice that it is not that big, and it is currently home to 8 million Americans along with millions of other tourists. You can imagine just how crowded the city is, which means everything is pretty much in high demand. Of course, this means plane tickets as well. Always make sure that you book you tickets way ahead of time. The spur of the moment might seem exciting or romantic, but it the wrong approach to take if you are visiting New York.

Never Doubt The Food Trucks, But Be Careful

New Yorkers are always on the go, and that is probably why there are so many food trucks and carts around. New York is home to many great diverse chefs and a lot of them can be found in these food trucks. You can find anything from vegan burgers, to grilled cheese sandwiches, or fusion food. Not to mention that these trucks are fairly inexpensive. However, there are some trucks and carts that are not as sanitary as others, but it will be pretty easy to spot these right away.

Dress For The Part

If you have never been to New York, you will probably find that the weather is much colder than you expected. This will be especially true if you from a warmer climate area. This is why it is important that you wear layer clothing. Something that can be easily removed incase you want to partake in indoor activities. Also, wear very comfortable shoes because you will probably be doing a lot of walking.

Check Out The Staten Island Ferry

From the 25-mintute Staten Ferry ride, you can see the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, Ellis Island, and lower Manhattan. This is without a doubt on of the most unique way to see all of these famous attractions, and the best part is that it is free. The lines might be long, so make sure you arrive early.


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