Understanding How Mold Testing

Are you aware of the fact that any and all homes can be impacted by mold? Mold is incredibly dangerous and can lead directly to health problems. Unfortunately, mold is more problematic than you might initially believe. While you might be able to remove visual mold on your own, this will not completely rectify the problem. The mold may return or it may still be hidden inside of your home. Many companies offer mold testing in NYC and it is recommended that you utilize their services. Doing so will help to guarantee all of the mold is removed. Below, you will learn about mold testing.

Manual Inspection

First and foremost, the mass majority of mold testing firms in NYC will begin with the basics. If it is possible to diagnose the problem with the naked eye, the expert will do so rapidly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Nonetheless, the expert will be very familiar with mold and they’ll know precisely where to look and what to look for. They’ll enter your home and look around with a flashlight. Within a matter of minutes, they’ll determine their next step. This may require a more in-depth analysis or configuring a treatment plan.

Taking A Deeper Look

In some cases, it may be pertinent to take a deeper look into your home’s problem. This will require the professional to look behind your walls and underneath your floors. The good news is that nothing will need to be torn up. Instead, the professional will utilize an infrared device to see through the barriers. This will give them the ability to see how much moisture is lurking behind the drywall and insulation. By using this technology and their knowledge, they’ll know precisely whether or not mold has developed between the walls. If large amounts of mold have been discovered, they may need to analyze your home’s air quality.

Air Sample

As mentioned above, the technician may deem it necessary to inspect the air quality in and around your home. If this is the case, they’ll collect air samples from inside and outside of your home. Consumers need to know that mold is almost everywhere. All homes will have a little mold. It only becomes problematic when the amounts become substantial. The air sample will help to determine the precise quantity of mold within your home’s air.

The technician will return to the lab with the samples. It will generally take twenty-four to forty-eight hours for these samples to be analyzed. Once this is done, they’ll give you a call and provide you with the results.

After The Tests

After the tests, the expert will know precisely how severe your problem has become. They’ll consult with their colleagues and come up with a full-scale remediation protocol to rid your home of excess mold. Once they have formulated a solid plan, they’ll contact you and discuss the situation with you. At this point, they should also provide you with a quote and a time frame. When you’re ready, you should schedule a date for the treatment to be carried out. Just remember that you may be required to evacuate the home for a short duration, until the project is complete.


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