Examining Our Mold Removal And Fire Damage Restoration Services in Queens

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Examining Our Mold Removal And Fire Damage Restoration Services in Queens

Examining Our Mold Removal And Fire Damage Restoration Services in Queens

Hello and welcome. Do you happen to reside within the Queens area of New York? We would like you to know about the enormous complications associated with water and fire. Mother Nature is definitely beautiful, but it can also transform your home into a complete mess. A small fire might be small, but it can still do extensive damage to your home. Plus, the fire will leave a hideous smoke aroma in your dwelling. If you’ve been forced to deal with such a problem, you should know that we are here to help. We offer fire cleanup and mold removal services in Queens New York.

With our assistance, you will be able to remove the remnants of the fire and get rid of that ungodly smoke smell. Be sure to scour through the information below to learn more about us and our remediation services.

Our Inspection Solutions

It is absolutely essential to remember that water damage and mold can remain hidden for an immense period of time. Many homeowners will actually live alongside these problems for many years, without even realizing it. And sadly, this can cause the problem to worsen. If water damage is left untouched, it will continue to damage your home’s wood. The wood will eventually rot and will become unstable. The water can also hurt your drywall and leave to the growth of mold.

The only legitimate way for homeowners to discover the problem lurking behind their drywall is to rip apart their walls and this is not going to be fun. Our company can help. We have access to high-tech thermal imaging equipment, which is capable of scanning through the drywall. With this tool, we will be able to determine whether or not moisture has built up behind your drywall. We’ll diagnose the problem, so you don’t have to remove your drywall, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Restoring Your Water Damaged Items

It should be known that our company also offers water damage restoration to Queens residents. We understand how devastating it can be to watch the water destroy your precious belongings. Water can wreck your electronics, paperwork, jewelry, and other items. While some of these items can be replaced, other cannot be. Some were given to you by loved ones, who may no longer be around. We are here to help. We have an abundance of equipment, which will give us the ability to restore your water damaged items.

In some cases, we may even be able to repair water damaged electronics, such as computers and televisions. We will make sure that all of your salvageable items are restored and returned. However, if the item cannot be fixed, we’ll dispose of it for you.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage can leave a devastating mark on a residential and commercial establishment. If you rely on your business to provide for your family, you will not have time to waste, because the longer the downtime, the more money you are losing. The same thing goes for your home, when it is out of commission, you have to live elsewhere. We are a licensed fire damage restoration service provider in NYC. Our goal is to assist the residents of New York City get their home and business back in operation, as soon as possible.

The first step of the process is to examine and estimate the stint of the damage. If the damage is severe, we call in our entire team of experts to strategize the situation. It takes every team member to tackle specific aspects of the damage. First and foremost is cleaning up the damage, eliminating unsalvageable materials. Our team will also dispose of the damaged materials, by transporting them to the local landfill.

Even if the fire only affects one room in the home, the entire home will be affected to some extent. Not only do we have to deal with ash and fire debris, but we also have to deal with smoke and pungent odors. Once the debris and damaged materials are removed from the home, the air quality will improve, but it also requires a sufficient air ventilation process, as well.

Sewage Overflow Clean Up

Have you ever experience an overflowing commode or sink? If so, you have already had your first experience with sewage overflow. However, not every overflow is linked to septic tank backup, because there are always clogged drainage pipes to worry about, as well. Clogged pipes can be very frustrating to deal with, because you never know where the clog lies inside the pipe. If you are lucky, the clog will be located near the drain, so all you need to do is take a snake and pull out the clog. Of course, this is rarely the case, since most clogs are pushed downward toward the septic system.

Septic systems are not connected to city or county sewage plants. Instead, they are a stand-alone system that works independently. What this means is the drainage or waste goes directly into the septic tank, where it is remains until it breaks down into small particles. The overflow will drain out into the drainage field, which consists of large gravels and dirt.

When the tank becomes overfilled with solid waste, it will no longer drain out into the drainage field. Instead, the excess will back up into the drainage pipes and into the home. The first place the overflow ends up is usually the bathtub or shower. Septic waste is very hideous, with a foul odor that will take your breath. These wastes contain bacteria that can cause a potential health risk. It is crucial to have the mess cleaned up by a licensed specialist.

We utilize large machines and vacuums to clean up the liquid waste, followed up by a commercial-grade cleaner. When you return to your home, it will look as good as new.

Mold Testing Process

Did you know that there are mold particles in the air and you are inhaling them this very minute? It is a fact that mold particles can be found everywhere, including soil, air, and any type of surface. Just because you discover a spot of debris on your bathroom wall, does not necessarily mean that it is mold. In fact, it could be mildew, which is not as dangerous as mold. The only way to determine the actual identity of the debris is by utilizing the mold testing process.

Mold testing kits are available at most home improvement stores. However, many of these kits are limited, so your best bet will be to hire a licensed mold tester to do the testing.

Air Quality Check

If your home is impacted by mold, fire or water, it is absolutely pertinent to carefully inspect your home’s air quality. We offer mold inspection services to all Queens residents. If your home’s air quality has been diminished, you will know about it right away. The decreased air quality will take a toll on your health and lead to coughing, allergy problems, and other respiratory problems. It is also important to remember that mold can linger in the atmosphere and that mold could lead to cancer in the future. To help you diagnose this problem, we offer a high-tech air quality inspection.

Our air quality specialist will visit your home and collect air samples from inside and outside of your home. These samples will be transported back to the lab, where they’ll examined carefully. The information obtained will help to determine what type of action you need to take. If it is discovered that your home’s air is oversaturated with mold spores, rectifications will need to be made. We will help you formulate a plan that will decrease the amount of mold in the atmosphere.

We Offer Free Quotes

We wholeheartedly understand that these services can be fairly expensive and many Queens residents simply cannot afford them. Rest assured knowing we take steps to make sure you receive the lowest quality possible, even if it doesn’t come from us. We do this by providing each and every prospective client with a free quote. Once you’ve called our fire damage cleanup firm in Queens, a technician will be dispatched to your home. They’ll consult with you directly and thoroughly inspect your home.

Once the inspection is complete, the expert will pound the numbers and figure out precisely how much the project will cost. After they’ve finished, you will be provided with the cost estimate. Remember that all of our quotes are binding for us. This means that the initial price you are given is the final price you will pay. You will never have to worry about being hit with hidden fees or extra charges. And of course, we require no obligation. So, you’re always free to go elsewhere even after obtaining a quote.

Working With Us

We take enormous efforts to try and ensure the client receives the best service humanely possible. We provide clients with numerous amenities and reassurance to ensure they make the right decision. Below, you will learn about the reassurances provided with our service.

  • We offer references and free quotes.
  • We are more than happy to provide clients with free inspection services.
  • Our employees are trained thoroughly. They’re also background checked and drug screened periodically.
  • We can use thermal imaging technology to spot problems, without ripping apart your home.
  • We may be able to save and restore your electronics, paperwork and other personal belongings.


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